About The Lydia Project

Sewing for Economics, The Lydia Project, is a ten-week, on-going community outreach program designed to teach women of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures, basic sewing skills that will promote self-sufficiency and improve economic increase of their households. This ministry specifically recruits single moms with a desire to elevate their economic status, but all women with a desire to learn are welcome.

The Lydia Project was inspired by Lydia of Thyatira (Acts 16:13-15) who was a businesswoman that made purple cloth and sold her goods for great profit.

The Lydia Project is a self-supported community outreach program of Colorado Community Church. We welcome monetary donations, sewing tools, and new sewing machines. We are always in need of studentsvolunteersinstructors, and teaching assistants. Please visit the Donate page for applications.

For more information or questions, please email LydiaPro@yahoo.com.

Join us at our next session!

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